About Us

CEO’s Message

In the global medical field, there are many diseases in which there are no drug or current drugs are insufficient to address the medical needs of patients. Chugai Pharmabody Research (CPR) is a subsidiary company of Chugai Pharmaceutical in Japan, a member of Roche group, and is committed to address these unmet needs by specializing in the field of antibody drug discovery utilizing proprietary antibody engineering technologies. Creating innovative antibody drugs not only requires the identification of appropriate targets, but also requires superior technologies. CPR’s mission is to continuously create innovative antibody drug clinical candidates by fully utilizing proprietary antibody engineering technologies established by Chugai such as recycling antibody, sweeping antibody, bispecific antibody and other novel types of antibody, as well as to establish novel antibody engineering technologies to solve the unmet medical needs, and continuously achieve competitive advantages in highly intense antibody drug discovery competition. By taking full advantage of Singapore’s innovative environment for world-class biomedical research, cutting-edge infrastructure, highly trained and multi-national scientists and government support, we have established highly sophisticated antibody generation, engineering and evaluation systems, and we are now a global leader in the field of antibody drug discovery research. CPR work as a unified team, and are committed to making the best use of our R&D investment, resources and talents. Taken together, our aspirations are to discover innovative solutions for unmet medical needs, and to translate advanced science and technologies into revolutionary new antibody drugs that can significantly improve patients’ lives and contribute to the medical community around the world.

Tomoyuki Igawa Ph.D.
Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Research Head