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Chugai Pharmabody Research (CPR) was established in Singapore as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Chugai”), Japan’ s No.1 biopharmaceutical company, in January 2012 and started operations on July 2, 2012. CPR is Chugai’ s fourth satellite research institute, following others in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

CPR conducts research on the generation of new antibody drug clinical candidates focusing on high value First-in-Class and Best-in-Class antibodies for a variety of targets, and utilizing Chugai’ s proprietary innovative antibody engineering technologies such as the “Recycling Antibody” technology and the “Sweeping Antibody” technology.

Company Name Chugai Pharmabody Research Pte. Ltd.
("Pharmabody" is coined from the words pharmaceutical and antibody.)
Location 3 Biopolis Drive, #07–11 to 16 Synapse, Singapore 138623
Capital S$ 1.5 million
Shareholder Wholly-owned subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Establishment January 10, 2012
Commencement of Operation July 2, 2012
CEO Tomoyuki Igawa Ph.D.
Number of Employees 113 (as at 1st Jan 2019)
Board of Directors Sir David Lane, Chairman of the Board
Tomoyuki Igawa, Director and CEO
Hisafumi Okabe, Director and COO
Arnold Levine, Director